This is basically the stuff that brings the food to my table. There are different subjects in product-photography. There are catalouge-pictures and on the other hand there are promotional pictures for advertisement and / or for social media. Both are completely different. Let’s start with … Continue readingProducts


I am an aquarium hobbiist since I was 14. That doesn’t mean I have or had an aquarium, that means I allways had a couple of tanks and that never changed. During all the years I kept and bred a lot of different species, from … Continue readingFish


I am obsessed with the stunning fluorescent colors of corals. To get this colors captured in a picture isn’t too easy, especially not if you go for closeups. But with patience and a lot of trial and error I finally found a working setup and … Continue readingCorals


Let’s have a closer look…. That’s what Macro-Photography is all about. I’d like to see and show the tiny things and creatures in all their magnificent details. Some of the following pictures are captured wildlife, others are done in the studio. Anyway, of course none of … Continue readingMacro


I am a doglover, so here are some private dog-portraits I’d like to share with you.  Those dogs belong to my own family or are part of a friends family. Catching the moment and a glance of a dog’s personality is the magic in photography.  “ … Continue readingDogs